The Michigan Music Business Club is a club at the University of Michigan that strives to give our members an exclusive, educational experience through hands on speaking events, social events, and internship recruitment events.

The Ross community believes in change starting at the root of powerful ideas. Our club strives to enable our members to explore their creative abilities in the music industry while gaining inspiration from the personal conversations they have with industry leaders throughout each school year.

At the Ross School of Business, we believe that change requires purpose-driven leaders. Given the fact that the music industry is one of the most rapidly accelerating industries in the world, the current generation of college students in just a few years will be the new leaders of the business world, in all fields.

At the Michigan Music Business Club, we strive to foster success for the next leaders of the Music Industry.

What We Do


We provide University of Michigan Students with information about the current climate of the music industry that will allow them to excel.


We provide our members exclusive access to speaker events with notable industry leaders throughout the school year.


We provide our members with opportunities to work at the top companies within the Music Industry.